Supporting the steps towards an independent Scotland with the voters of Dunbar and East Linton

Yes Dunbar is actively campaigning to make the case for an independent Scotland.

Our focus is with the voters of Dunbar and East Linton to make the case for:

  • a Yes vote in any future referendum on independence; and
  • supporting pro-independence candidates in elections whether for Westminster or Holyrood. (Yes Dunbar does not endorse specific parties, but it is clear that as long as the UK Government resists calls for a further referendum, the level of support for pro-independence candidates in elections is the clearest measure of support for independence). The next critical vote will be the UK General Election in 2024 when an MP will be elected for the new seat of Lothian East.

We do not have specific figures for Dunbar, but for East Lothian as a whole, in the first independence referendum in 2014, the East Lothian result was just 38% Yes and 62% No (this was lower than the 45% Yes vote across Scotland as a whole). However, two years later in the EU Referendum, East Lothian voted 65% to Remain in the EU and only 35% wanted to Leave. Numerous people have changed their mind about independence as a result of Scotland being forced out of the EU against its will.

We are determined that in any future votes, the support for independence from voters in this area should be much higher than in 2014.

There are many strands to this campaign, but our key campaign themes are:

  • the huge problems that drag down Scotland by being under the control of Westminster
  • the many advantages that the Scotland would gain as an independent country – we would then be a key European state similar in size to countries such as Denmark and Ireland.