Supporting the steps towards an independent Scotland with the voters of Dunbar and East Linton

Yes Dunbar works closely with other groups across the Yes-movement: the wide range of organisations across Scotland making the case for independence. Although we are a non-party campaign group, we sometimes attend events organisaed by political parties. This page includes some news and reports from external events where Yes Dunbar members/officers were involved.


Yes Dunbar is one of over 140 Yes groups affiliated to Believe in Scotland. Believe in Scotland (a project of Business for Scotland) produces a huge range of materials for Yes campaigners right across Scotland and runs some imaginative national campaigns and events (we often distribute their materials on our stalls and surveys). Believe in Scotland holds an online Congress every six months or so, bringing together representives from groups across the movement – Yes Dunbar Committee Members Gareth Morgan and Craig Allan took part in the Congress on 17 February 2024. The Congress included a range of videos, survey results and Q&A sessions regarding the campaign.

Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp, the founder and director of Believe in Scotland gave a powerful presentation about the need for culture and emotion in the Yes campaign. He spoke about independence movements in other countries which had often been triggered by songs or poetry. He argued that we need to move away from political messaging and focus much more on messages from the heart.


Yes for EU is a Scotland-wide campaign based in Edinburgh, making the case for Scotland’s path to independence as the only way that Scotland can rejoin the EU.

In January 2024 they organised a half-day in person workshop in Edinburgh on the detailed processes needed for an independent Scotland to become a full EU member. Gareth Morgan (Yes Dunbar Secretary) was present.

The key speakers were Heather Anderson (former SNP MEP for Scotland) and Kirsty Hughes (former academic and expert on EU internal procedures). There was clear agreement that Scotland needs to become a full EU member state with its own MEPs and membership of the European Council and Commission (rather than just being in the EEA or EFTA). The key first step will be the negotiation of an association agreement between Scotland and the EU.


In January 2024, Alex Salmond’s Alba Party invited representatives from Yes groups to a meeting in Edinburgh. Yes Dunbar was represented by our Co-Convenor, Diarmid Jamieson.

The meeting was chaired by Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh, and the speakers were: Alex Salmond; Neale Hanvey MP; Angus MacNeil MP; Ash Regan MSP; Kenny MacAskill MP.  Key points raised by speakers were as follows:

Alex Salmond:

  • No positive response received from SNP to his proposed ‘Scotland United’ single platform for GE24.
  • He is baffled by SNP’s ‘Stop the Tories’ message for GE24 – as it will encourage many to vote Labour again.
  • Alba plans to put forward at least 12 candidates in GE24.
  • Stressed importance for Scotland to (a) have its own currency from Day 1 of independence and (b) re-enter the European single market asap via EFTA.

Neale Hanvey:

  • Criticised lack of full SNP MPs’ support for his recent Scotland (Self Determination) Bill at Westminster (only supported by 39 of the 43 SNP MPs) and also the subsequent silence from Bute House following its defeat.
  • Stressed importance to Scotland of (a) maintaining its close links to Europe and (b) re-investment in Grangemouth industrial complex.  

Angus MacNeil:

  • Expressed frustration with SNP leadership regarding (a) its apparent reluctance to listen to ideas (currency etc) and (b) lack of progress and missed ‘open goals’ (Brexit etc) since 2014.
  • Concerned at falling population across much of Scotland and compared our poor infrastructure (and current ferry issues) with the ability of the Faroe Islands to have already built 20 subsea tunnels connecting their islands.

Ash Regan:

  • Spoke to the proposed bill she is bringing to Holyrood, i.e. the Scottish Parliament Powers Referendum Bill
  • If successful, this would allow Holyrood to hold a referendum regarding extension of the Scottish Parliament powers, to allow it to directly negotiate / legislate for independence.  The intended date is 18 Sept 2024, i.e. exactly 10 years after the 2014 one.
  • She highlighted that this route provides Scotland with an immediate opportunity to make progress towards indy and was entirely within the gift of Holyrood to deliver – if supported by all indy MSPs from the SNP and Green parties.
  • She encouraged everyone to write to their SNP and Green MSPs (local and regional) to urge their support for this bill. Details here:

Kenny MacAskill:

  • Reminded all about the importance of retaining a vocal indy Scottish presence at Westminster, until a clear mandate and route to indy is achieved.  
  • Highlighted the current existential threats to Scotland – from depopulation, de-industrialsation (Grangemouth, Fergusons shipyard etc) and loss of revenue / investment in Scotland from the renewables sector.
  • Recommended everyone learning more about Scotland’s wealth; the Scotland Speaks channel will be covering this topic in a 3-part series in February (Saturdays at 10am).